Spilt Milk

I found Spilt Milk on one of my routine combs through urbanspoon. Promise of a cute, cozy cafe; tempting brunch options made it a perfect choice for catching up with a high school friend of mine. So, that’s exactly what we did.

As soon as we stepped into this little place, we were greeted by warming smiles and cheery service. This place has a natural homely feel about it: the warm brown tones, the comfy cushion lined seats, the tasteful clutter of bits and bobs was everything I loved. There are lovely seats outside, but having skin that burns extremely easily in the sun made that not an option for us. So, we happily settled down on the benches by the window with a cappuccino for me and a flat white for my friend, while we perused through the menu.

DSC_0358 DSC_0359

My cappuccino was at just the right temperature, with a faint nutty undertone, though it was just slightly on the thin side for me. What’s unique and a little quirky about this cafe is that all the food on offer was named after animals. Being an animal lover it scored extra points with me. So in the end, after tossing up between all the tantalizing options I went with the Sheep and my friend went with the Toucan.

The sheep – baked free range eggs, sundried tomatoes, spinach, feta with sour dough and chili jam on the side

I have a thing for perfectly cooked eggs with runny yolks, maybe is due to my mum’s mandatory rule that eggs have to be cooked all the way through that makes them all the more exciting. Anyways, these baked eggs were perfect. My eyes sparkled with glee as I broke open the yolk and watched the gooey goodness run like a river of gold. I tore up some of the grilled sourdough and swirled it through the concoction. The result was amazing. The crispiness of the warm bread contrasted nicely with the soft, gooey eggs and the creamy feta; while the sundried tomatoes offset all the richness with a wonderful tang. For some extra lusciousness there is soft whipped butter on the side to spread on your bread. The chili jam on the side was lovely by itself, sweet with a little kick, however I felt that if added to the dish it overpowered all the clean, refreshing flavours.

The toucan – grilled sourdough topped with smashed avocado, buffalo mozzarella , tomatoes and mint.

This is what my friend ordered, but I forgot to write down the full description, this is all I can gather from memory. I just love all the vibrant colours on her plate, but didn’t get to try any. Anyhow, she said it was lovely. My only doubt about Spilt Milk is that serve is on the small side, but having said that it still filled me up. So in all, this is a lovely cafe to catch up with your friends over some exciting brunch and lunch options. Since this is close to my area, I will definitely be revisiting soon.
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