Auntie’s Dumpling

Here is another place along Koornang Road in Carnegie. This is a family favourite and we’ve been coming here for years when we couldn’t be bothered cooking or couldn’t be bothered making our own dumplings. Now, a bit of a warning, this is a no-frills sort of place. Decor is simple, plain or just non-existent. You sit on simplistic metal chairs, use plastic bowls, spoons and chopsticks; when they are busy you may also find yourself crammed up against some strangers. Service, unfortunately is also non-existent. I’ve been so fed up with the constant moody, smile-less waiting staff that I don’t even get annoyed anymore. I just ignore them, order my usual dishes, eat, pay and leave. This is really one of those Chinese restaurants that I just go for the cheap, fast, good food and nothing more.

So, after going to the movies at Chadstone one day, my boyfriend and I decided to pop in and have a quick nice meal. Unfortunately, this time I actually didn’t note down the prices, I will have a look next time and update it. But, I can assure you, it’s very cheap.

Boiled chicken and prawn dumplings - 10pcs

Boiled chicken and prawn dumplings – 10pcs

We normally order a serve of something boiled and a serve of something pan-fried. My boyfriend chose the chicken and prawn dumplings. These dumplings had a thick, doughy skin which enclosed a lovely juicy, soupy filling. Now, I do not like judging the quality of dumplings based on the thickness of the skin, because to be honest it’s just personal preference and also the eating habit of the family.For example, my paternal side prefers a thin, chewy skin, while my maternal side are fierce advocates of a thick, doughy skin with some bite. As for me, I’m just a big, indecisive softy that can’t decide – so I like both. These were warm and comforting, slipping easily into your throat and filling your mouth with savoury unami.


I always get the pan-fried mini buns when I come to Auntie’s. I personally think, they are the best in Melbourne out of all the places I’ve eaten at. Recently, on my trip to Shanghai I had some fantastic versions of this snack, all of which surpass Auntie’s. But when back in Melbourne, Aunties is my go-to.

Pan-fried pork mini buns

Pan-fried pork mini buns

Unfortunately, today’s were very disappointing. The bottom had a texture that comes out of shallow frying rather than pan frying. Also, the skin had soaked up a lot of oil, which made the buns very oily. Not only that, the filling had also changed. Noooooooo…… It was no longer meaty, moist and soft, oozing with hot, rich soup. Instead, it was dry and leaked an extremely oil soup. Very, very, very disappointed.

Hopefully, what happened with the buns were just an anomaly today. I will of course go back and give them another chance, because they have constantly delivered much better before. Otherwise, I might be forced to find another place…

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