Red Pepper

So remember in my post on Ito, I mentioned that our friend suggested this place, but my girlfriends and I never managed to make the walk up Bourke St. Well, my boyfriend and I decided to give this place a go on a relatively cool summer day.

My boyfriend and I aren’t really scared of spicy food, but for some reason on that day both of us didn’t feel like being brave and take on the spiciest curry available. So, we both ended up ordering very mild curries.

Mango lassi ($4.00)

Mango lassi ($4.00)

It’s quite strange, I remember less than a year ago, I avoided all sorts of mango flavoured foods and drinks. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved fresh, juicy mangoes; it’s just that I didn’t really like them processed and prepared in other ways. However, after trying a particular brand of mango yogurt mum bought one day, I’m hooked. The pungent flavour of mango brought me to the tropics and the thickness of the yogurt made the drink very satisfying. I just wish it was less sweet, more tangy and chilled a little bit more, to make it extra refreshing for summer.

Butter Chicken with 2 Naans ($12.90)

Butter Chicken with 2 Naans ($12.90)

Consuming very little carbs with my meals have always been a habit of mine, but that day I was very hungry. So, bring on the carbs I say. I was so glad for that decision, because the naans were amazing. The exterior was deliciously crispy and the inside were wonderfully soft. I could just eat the bread alone with a pinch of salt. I probably ordered the most westernized dish on the menu and after I had ordered it, I really wished that I had ordered something else. I don’t have Indian often, not because I don’t like it, but I’m just not used to the heavy use of spice every day of the week. Anyways, the butter chicken was very rich with the tomato gravy, however I felt that it was a little dull and lifeless, with the chicken on the dry side. I think a little bit more seasoning would have offset the richness nicely.

Lamb roganjosh with rice and naan ($12.90)

Lamb roganjosh with rice and naan ($12.90)

I liked what my boyfriend ordered better, but unfortunately he eats so much faster than me. So before I could dip my naan in his curry for a second time, he had almost finished it already. The curry wasn’t spicy but packed a punch with the different usage of spices. It married beautifully with the soft, tender chunks of lamb.

I had fun straying a little from the cuisines I normally eat. Next time, I will be a little more adventurous and probably try out something spicier.

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