Guzman Y Gomez


I’ve finally cleared my backlog from the holidays. Hooray! This will be the first post after Uni has started.

I used to travel down Swanston Street on the way to Uni every day and each day I was greeted with the same, familiar shop fronts. Until, one day, I noticed that the small convenience store next to Starbucks was gone and a few weeks later I noticed an ad screaming “free burrito”! Well, it was actually my boyfriend, who noticed, being the burrito fan he is.

Actually, we missed the opening of the shop and hence missed the free burrito as well. Sad. Though, we did keep a mental tab to visit the takeaway style Mexican place some time, but never got around to it until Uni started up again.

We went on a bustling Friday night, since turn-over was high, it didn’t take too long to get two metal stools on the communal bench. My boyfriend went for the burrito in a bowl (surprise, surprise) and I wanted to sample a variety so went with a mix of 3 tacos.

3 tacos ($10.90) from left to right: Pork chipotle, Barramundi, Chicken Guerrero

3 tacos ($10.90)
from left to right: Pork chipotle, Barramundi, Chicken Guerrero

When it arrived all three tacos actually looked the same, it all came topped with ample amounts of the tomato and onion salsa. I had to push the salsa aside a little to take a photo that made it look like I actually did order 3 different ones. I only noticed after I had ordered that the Barramundi and the Chicken have actually been marinated in the same guerrero sauce. Failed attempt to order 3 things that were completely different from each other.

Have you spotted the weird thing about my tacos yet? Each taco was lined with 2 tortillas. I don’t know if this was supposed to happen or it was just a mistake. Whichever it was, I found 2 tortillas made it too doughy. The chicken and barramundi were exactly the same. Both were bland and both were overcooked; neither had the refreshing, punchy flavours Mexican food is known for. Unfortunately, they ran out of tabasco sauce on the night we went, so I couldn’t even smother my flavourless tacos in that. I did shower it with jalapenos though, which made them more edible. The Pork Chipotle was the only one that I thought was okay. The pork pulled apart easily, the sauce spicy and salty; it went down much easier than the other two.

Steak Chipotle Burrito Bowl ($10.90)

Steak Chipotle Burrito Bowl ($10.90)

The burrito bowl was a better choice. When you mixed it all up, it tasted a little bit like a paella. The best part is that it wasn’t completely under-seasoned. I also like the idea of burrito served in a bowl, because normally having rice and beans wrapped up in a tortilla is just too dense and filling for me.

Overall, the experience was pretty disappointing. I think the attempt of marketing itself as a gourmet style fast food failed, I would actually prefer to eat the straight-up fast food at Salsa’s. Though, one major plus is that Guzman Y Gomez can offer their entire range gluten-free.Very happy to see more stores catering gluten-free.

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