BrimCC Organic Soup and Japanese Cafe

I got a new camera! Say hi to better quality photos, thanks to my wonderful, thoughtful boyfriend, who bought me a new camera to do my blog posts with. So photos in today’s post are taken by him, since I’m a little tech-illiterate, so I don’t actually know how to use it yet.

We arrived just before the office lunch rush, so we were lucky enough to get a seat. 10 minutes after seating down, the office workers started piling in and the tiny shop was quickly filled with people, even spilling onto the footpath. It was quite a sight.

I really like the idea of BrimCC. Organic, good quality ingredients and a simple-menu done well. I think, that’s their recipe for such a successful business. Now, this cute little shop specialises in Japanese curry and different soups, which makes it a perfect little stopover during the winter months. My boyfriend, doesn’t really like Japanese curry. Did I know this shop specialises in it before I dragged him here? Maybe.

It wasn’t a very cold day when we visited, so he didn’t really want a soup, so he went with the Yakitori don.

Yakitori don ($10.00)

Yakitori don ($10.00)

When it arrived, I started feeling very guilty, not only did I bring him to a place that specialises in something he doesn’t really like, the serve was also on the small side. I knew by looking at it that it wasn’t going to be enough. I’m so sorry. Even though the serving size was small, but comparing with the rice this don had a lot of chicken in it. I would say it is about 2/3 chicken and 1/3 rice. I tried one of the chicken pieces. There were a few things I liked about it. Whenever I have Yakitori, it almost always is overcooked and charred beyond recognition, to the point of making me paranoid about all the carcinogens on it. BrimCC’s was quite tender, though still just a little overcooked for me. You could still taste the smokiness of the grill, without having to worry about cancer risks. What I didn’t like is how salty it was. For the amount of rice it came with, it was way too salty and I thought I was pretty adapted to my dad’s over-salted cooking.

Beef curry & rice ($9.00)

Beef curry & rice ($9.00)

Of course, being a Japanese curry lover, I had to order curry. I was debating over the vegetarian or the beef curry, but decided with a bit more protein. This curry was by the textbook, it was simple yet perfection at the same time. The gravy was thick, made flavoursome with free-range chicken stock. I could easily push my spoon into the carrots and potatoes, which for me is the most enjoyable part of a curry. The plump, white rice grains juxtaposed against the rich curry gravy – one of life’s simple pleasures. It even comes with the cutest spoon!


I do have a problem with Japanese curries though. It is a really heavy dish for me, but cleverly BrimCC seems to have found the solution, because they offer half-curry&rice + salad/soup sets for $12.50. So I think the next time I go in, I will make sure to get that instead. I know I’ve already said this, but I just have to say it again.

Simple, done well!

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