Dessert Box


“Let’s go have sweets!” Now, who can say no to a suggestion like that?

So, 6 of us on a chilly Friday afternoon, headed off to Dessert Box on Lygon St. for a well-earned treat after a hard week at Uni.


We opened the menu with glee and got lost in all the glossy, tempting photos. So hard to choose! Everything promised an indulgent sweet fix. In the end, we picked three desserts to share.

First up is what dessert box is famous for. Their Taiwanese golden bricks. Which are basically sugar coated thick slices of soft sweet bread, baked until the outside is nice and crunchy.

Tiramisu Golden Bricks - Crispy honey toast with chocolate ganache topped with tiramisu gelato drizzled with coffee cream chantilly and a dusting of cocoa powder ($16.80)

Tiramisu Golden Bricks – Crispy honey toast with chocolate ganache topped with tiramisu gelato drizzled with coffee cream chantilly and a dusting of cocoa powder ($16.80)

The honey toast was crispy and sweet. I greedily grabbed one and soaked it into all the trimmings, I was glad to find that the coffee flavour really pushed through. Though, I have to say this is just a bit too sweet for me. One bite is nice, second bite is just sweet, sweet, sweet.

The Grand Fondue ($32.80)

The Grand Fondue ($32.80)


So this is something I probably wouldn’t have ordered myself, just simply because I like to make my own chocolate ganache at home and just dip whatever I can find in it. However, I will stop being a party pooper and get on with describing it. Chocolate fondues at Dessert Box, comes in classic chocolate bases of dark, milk and white, but it also comes in a white chocolate creme brulee and a matcha (green tea) as well. For $32.8o they certainly give plenty of accompaniments. You get a fruit plate of banana, kiwi, orange, strawberry, apple and marshmallows (yes, marshmallow is really a fruit). A choice of 4 scoops of ice cream from the counter, we chose matcha, cookies & cream, berry forest and white chocolate & raspberry. The stand out flavour was matcha, it was beautifully creamy, yet earthy and fresh, strong with matcha, I wish there was more than one scoop. Though the rest of the gelato were not so great in quality. You also get a snack plate of waffle pieces, puff profiteroles, chocolate shortbread, blueberry mini muffins and chocolate brownies. If that isn’t enough already, you also get 3 dipping crumbles: peanut, Orea and wafers. What did I think of it? To put it concisely, I think they certainly give you enough food and variety for the price they charge, but the actual individual items themselves were mostly mediocre. However, if you are with friends it’s probably nice just for the novelty factor.

Caramel Apple Waffles ($13.95)

Caramel Apple Waffles ($13.95)

This was my favourite dessert of the day. Two generous waffles were covered with homemade stewed cinnamon apples then drizzled liberally with warm salted caramel, served with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. The apples were soft and sweet; the caramel warm and comforting, paired with the icy-cold vanilla ice-cream it was perfect.

I had a lovely afternoon winding down with friends, chatting and satisfying my sweet tooth. Even though, I think Dessert Box is average in quality, but they certainly do make it up with variety. Next time, I think I will try one of their many parfaits or just order a serve of caramel apple waffles again, all for myself!

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