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I’m actually a big baby. I can get up early, but I can’t stay up late. Once the clock hits midnight, my brain turns to mush, you can probably get me to sign anything. In short, every thing will just seem hazy to me.

I have lovely memories of this night. Not only did we finish an important quiz at Uni that day, but I also had a wonderful, relaxing time at Peninsula Hot Springs with a group of my friends. All the steam and calming hot water got us really hungry, so we went in searching for food around Box Hill at about 11.30 at night on our way home. There weren’t too many places open that late at night, so we just walked happily into the first restaurant that was still open.

As I said previously, I can’t remember too many details late at night. So why am I still making this post? It’s because I tasted something fantastic and I feel the need to share that. I took photos of what my friends ordered, but I’m just going to post them for completeness, because I honestly can’t remember how good they were. Apologies for that and also in my state of absolute confusion, I forgot to note down the prices of the food as well. Bad blogger, bad. I shall get better.

Chef's special - crab noodles

Chef’s special – crab noodle

Ta da..the dish that is the single reason why I am making this post. I am a huge fan of crab noodles. For those that aren’t too familiar with this. It’s basically, steamed crabs. Then you use the lovely liquid that comes out from these crabs to make a sauce bursting with flavour and umami, then dose some egg noodles with this heavenly, piping hot mixture. My dad makes a killer version of this dish at home. So, I was very interested to find out how this version compared with dad’s. Also, it was offered at a very cheap price. I can’t remember exactly, but it was between 10-12 dollars. Well, this was on par, if not better than my dad’s version. It was hot, well-seasoned and I loved how the spring onion and ginger bought out the flavour of the sea even more. The slippery noodles, with plump big bits of shelled-crab was just so comforting. Soaking the night away in a hot spring and then having this for dinner, it was just an amazing, relaxed feeling. Seriously, for the price I paid, this was a real bargain.

Now here are some of the things my friends ordered.

DSC_0468 DSC_0462 DSC_0466 DSC_0461 DSC_0459

The vegan and gluten-free option

The vegan and gluten-free option


Happy snap of my cheeky friends

Happy snap of my cheeky friends 🙂

Thank you to all of my friends for an amazing night and an extra special thank you for our drivers who got us safely there and back home.

Back to Best Food Gallery. I don’t care how bad or good the other dishes on offer are, but next time I’m in Box Hill I will definitely go back to get my crab noodle fix. It makes me salivate just thinking about it now…

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