Figjam Cafe

Most of the places I go to are well researched. Why? Because I’m an organisation freak. I like to research, organise and know where exactly I’m going. I do like surprises, but only when they are good ones.

I entered Figjam Cafe simply because of the name. I don’t know why, but the name “Figjam” just appeals to me. Anyhow, that’s why mum and I ended up here for a very late brunch one Sunday before a  shopping session at nearby Chadstone. Unfortunately, my rare spontaneity wasn’t well-rewarded. So this was a bad surprise.

Figjam breakfast deluxe ($16.90)

Figjam breakfast deluxe ($16.90)

I always eat breakfast, because otherwise I become a terribly grumpy bear that no one wants to hang around with. Oddly enough on this particular day, I didn’t have breakfast and it was very close to lunch, so I decided to get the big breakfast to suffice both meals. The big breakfast at Figjam comes with toasted sourdough, two poached eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, grilled tomato and a hash. The eggs were perfect, they were lovely and runny, even better when mopped up with the crispy, charred bread. Everything else was just mediocre and not really worth a mention. What I hated was the hash. I think it was homemade, but instead of wowing me with a crispy shell and soft, fluffy potato; it was bland and stodgy. Eww…

Veggie Stack ($15.90)

Veggie Stack ($15.90)

I have to say, the presentation of my mum’s dish was quite impressive and for a second I wished I had ordered what she ordered. But, after tasting it, it made me quickly realised how glad I was that I didn’t order this. The good thing was the avocado: it was creamy and nutty, just like how a good, ripe avo should be. However, I think I should attribute that to nature and not to the cafe itself. There was a larger version of the stodgy potato stuff, this time mixed with some veggies. The balsamic dressing and the pesto on top were both quite dull and failed to add much-needed flavour to the dish. The whole dish was just dull and lifeless. Worse, as it got cold, it became oily and harder and harder to stomach.

I don’t think I will be returning to Figjam, because for the prices we paid we could have got some amazing brunch at some lovely eateries around Melbourne. Hmm..maybe this is a lesson that I should keep doing my research. Though, life is only fun when you are spontaneous once in a while, right?

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2 thoughts on “Figjam Cafe

  1. Your words here describe exactly how I felt when I dined at Figjam a few months ago (before I started blogging). I really wanted to love Figjam, however they just didn’t deliver. Like you said, for the prices you paid you, it was really a waste of stomach space ! Next time, maybe take a few more steps down and visit Huff Bagelry ! I just visited the other day and for around $13, I was rewarded with a light tasty lunch and caffeine hit ! My Huff blog should be up by tomorrow if you’re interested 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 yeah…I always feel a little sad when food doesn’t deliver. Yes, absolutely! I’ve tried huff and liked it, but I just wanted to go somewhere new that day. Silly me. Can’t wait to read what you have to say about huff 🙂 looking forward to it tomorrow.

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