Ganache Chocolate (CBD)


The cold chilly weather that Melbourne is currently experiencing, calls for rich, comfort food. Chocolate, certainly fits that bill. So when we finished classes one Friday, 11 of us headed off to satisfy our sweet tooth.

I was a little dubious as to whether Ganache would fit all 11 of us, since from memory the frontage of the shop looked quite small. So, I was very relieved upon walking in to see quite an extension to the back of the shop. The friendly staff at Ganache, helped us to put some tables together and we quickly settled down.

After perusing the menu for a while and deciding on our drinks, we quickly realised that it would actually be cheaper for us to share one large cake instead of ordering our own individual serves. So, that is exactly what we did. Unfortunately, two of the cakes we had our eyes on weren’t available as a whole that day, which was understandable since we didn’t pre-order anything. Third strike lucky and we ended up with this Triple Mousse Cake.

Medium Triple Mousse Cake ($45)

Medium Triple Mousse Cake ($45)

Simple, yet elegantly decorated; I especially liked the spiral chocolate art on top. Chocolate is what Ganache is known for and it certainly took center stage in each of the 3 layers: dark, milk and white. I do love a good mousse, but I find them to be too rich and decadent, so it’s not something I normally order on my own. I was pleasantly surprised by Ganache’s mousse. It was rich and velvety smooth, but at the same time it was airy and light, allowing me to finish my portion with delight.

Side on view (thanks to Steven, our expert cake cutter)

Individual portion (thanks to Steven, our expert cake cutter)

Most of us ordered drinks to go with it. Of course, many went for the specialty hot chocolates. Ganache offers the classic hot chocolate for the traditionalists and for those a little more adventurous, there are flavours such as: cinnamon, chilli, orange cointreau, winter spice and many more to be tried.

Specialty hot chocolate ($6)

Specialty hot chocolate ($6)

As much as the hot chocolates were tempting, I just couldn’t handle the chocolate on chocolate combination, instead I ordered a pot of Earl Grey to share with my friend.

Pot of tea for 2 - Earl Grey ($5.50)

Pot of tea for 2 – Earl Grey ($5.50)

The tea was well-balanced with light, aromatic citrus notes, which countered all the chocolatey goodness quite nicely. All of the drinks we ordered that day were served with a little crispy meringue cookie, which I thought was a very sweet gesture on Ganache’s part.

The chocolate is certainly divine, the staff were equally sweet. We did take quite some time to conclude the sweet affair, but during that time not once were we rushed to leave. I will certainly be back during the chilly months ahead to warm myself up with one of their hot chocolates.

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