Brunetti (Carlton)

I still remember the first time I stepped into Brunetti Carlton around 3 years ago, it was as if I had stepped into a sweet wonderland. There were fridges and freezers that rose to the ceiling lining the entrance, housing a plethora of cakes and gateaux; a display cabinet expanded across 3 shop fronts showing off everything from meringue cookies, gelato to small gateaux and if that isn’t enough the shop was decorated with gigantic jars of Nutella.

3 years on, I’ve heard quite a bit of criticism about Brunetti, with words like “mass-produced”, ” quantity over quality” being the most popular. Frankly I do agree, I’ve tried a good number of their creations and it is really a hit and miss, some are amazing, some seem to just exist to make up the variety. However, till this day to me it is still a theme park of sweets, waiting for me to explore (they do have a huge range!).  Also, if I’m not making a celebration cake myself, it is one of my favourite places to order, since I do think they are quite reasonably priced.

Here is just what we ordered on a recent trip.

Francese (6.90)

Francese (6.90)

Velvety smooth chocolate mousse hiding a centre of decadent salted caramel, set on a layer of crunchy hazelnut. Beautifully presented and it really hits the cravings, though it can get overwhelmingly sweet after a while.

Chocolate Fondant (6.90)

Chocolate Fondant (6.90)

Intensely rich and chocolatey and not too sweet, making this fondant very addictive. This cake has to be one of my favourites so far. Also I quite enjoyed the slightly dense texture of the cake, it gives you a feeling that you are really delving your spoon into something decadent.

We also ordered the NY cheesecake (6.50) and chocolate mud cake (6.50). I apologise that there are no photos for this as every single photo I took was blurry. Neither of these were good, I would actually go as far as to say they were a complete waste of money. Somehow I could taste a lot of flour from the NY cheesecake instead of the normal creamy sweetness of the dairy. The chocolate mud cake was dry and lacked the intensity a mud cake should have, you would be better off getting a whole mud cake from Woolies.

Over the years, it almost seems like a game I play every time I go, exploring the range and noting down the hits to order again and the misses to never pay for ever again. It is quite a bit of fun for me and being close to Uni it is great for those times when I really need a sugar fix.

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