Classic Curry Company (North Melbourne)

I like my big, strong, bold flavours.

Indian curries seem to tick all those boxes for me and to enjoy a good variety of it at a bargain price is a real bonus. Though I do have to admit that I cannot truly appreciate the complexity of Indian curries. No, that doesn’t mean I dislike it, I love it and I love it a lot, but my knowledge is really quite limited when it comes to them, so if you will forgive me, this will largely be a pictorial post.

Mango Lassi (3.00)

Mango Lassi (3.00)

The mango lassi comes in a cute little bottle. I was a little skeptical with the packaging at first, but it turned out to be one of the best mango lassi I have ordered in Melbourne. I find most places to be too sweet, but this was just right, allowing me to enjoy the refreshing mango yoghurt drink.

Vegetarian Thali (10.00)

Vegetarian Thali (10.00)

One of the best things about Classic Curry Co. are their mixed thali/platters. For 10 bucks you get to enjoy the chef’s choice of 3 different vegetarian dishes, which comes with naan and rice. I thoroughly enjoyed the spicy lentils and the creamy, flavoursome curry dosed on top of a very delicious vegetarian patty. I didn’t enjoy the potatoes in the creamy spinach sauce as much, but that may be just because I’ve never liked pureed spinach in any form.

All of my dining companions that day were guys, so most of them went for the meat lover thali to load up on the protein. Similar to the vegetarian it comes with rice and naan, but this time is the chef’s choice of 2 meat dishes and 1 vegetarian. Everyone seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed their meals and all of them were very full at the end of it. Sometimes, finding a restaurant that can feed a couple of hungry, young guys at a reasonable price can be a challenge, so any time when that criteria can be satisfied, I am quite relieved.

Meat Lover Thali (12.00)

The naan was very addictive on its own, buttery, flaky and chewy, just the perfect thing to mop up all the sauce.



Chicken Tikka Masala w/ rice (11.00)

Chicken Tikka Masala w/ rice (11.00)

This was ordered by one of my other friends, after probing him for a comment, all I got was a “it’s good”, but I guess that’s all it matters at the end of the day. Though I was a bit surprised that he could not swap the rice for naan even after he offered to pay extra. I think, if memory serves, in the end he got both naan and rice for an added price, which left me quite confused.

Cheap, fast, filling and tasty. Exactly what you want when you are an Uni student.

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