Shanghai Street Dumpling – CBD Melbourne

Another hugely successful eatery, another eatery with giant long lines, another delayed visit.

One day we were running some errands around the vicinity of Shanghai Street Dumpling, after running the said errand, my boyfriend glanced at his phone and noticed that it was almost time for Shanghai Street Dumpling. Being the dumpling and noodle fanatic he is, he suggested we wait outside for a little to avoid the long wait. Being a “line-hater”, I thought that was a brilliant idea!

We ordered swiftly, aiming to vacate our table as quickly as possible for the queue forming outside.

Pork & prawn wonton in chili, peanut and sesame sauce (15pcs) - 8.60

Pork & prawn wonton in chili, peanut and sesame sauce (15pcs) – 8.60

This dish is normally a fail at most Melbourne institutions, however Shanghai Street Dumpling’s version was spot on. The wontons were plump and flavoursome, soaking up the hot chili oil. When you think the heat is getting a little hard to handle there is the sesame sauce to sooth that burning tongue with nutty creaminess. With the crunchy peanut pieces on top, this is perfect!

Pork Xiao Long Bao (8pcs) - 9.80

Pork Xiao Long Bao (8pcs) – 9.80

I loved the delicate yet chewy skin. Upon breaking a little window of that delicate skin, a clear, flavoursome broth flooded into my spoon. These xiao long baos are definitely up there with the best I’ve tried in Melbourne. Comparing it to Shanghai Master Dumpling, I think I will call it a draw.

As much as I think lines are annoying,  I am capable of being patient and wait if I know the food is going to be promising. I will return for those addictive wontons in chili oil and at such a cheap price, I won’t even hesitate.

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