The Grain Store (CBD)


Occasionally, I love walking around Ikea showrooms even when I have no need for new furnishing, just to look at the various combos. Okay, so I am pretty sure that the Grain Store isn’t furnished by Ikea, but it did remind me of a showroom. Except this was the best showroom I’ve ever been to, because a middle island bench was laden full with vibrant salads, focaccias and delicious tarts and quiches. It is the perfect environment to catch up with a special girlfriend and that is exactly what I did.

Prana Chai - $4

Prana Chai – $4

So I’ve been purposefully trying to get myself to like chai, because readers of this blog will know that I like coffee though it doesn’t always love my tummy  and I’m not really a hot chocolate person unless the weather is being bitter. That leaves tea and chai lattes. I adore tea, but often cafes try to charge me $4 for a lipton teabag. So I guess it doesn’t hurt to expand my repertoire a bit. Comparing to the various chais I’ve tried recently, this one is quite light and milky, I wish they hadn’t sweetened it for me, as it was a little bit on the sweet side for my taste.

My friend and I decided to share our choices from the counter.


Roasted vegetable tart – $10

This tart was chock-a-block full with different veggies, with just thin layers of eggy mixture stringing it all together. I liked that this tart was mild in taste, allowing me to appreciate the character of each organic vegetable in full.

Salmon roll - $10

Salmon roll – $10

A classic and always a crowd pleaser. Luscious slices of subtly smoked salmon, creamy dressing, broken up with the tangy pop of capers. As long as the ingredients are fresh and the kitchen is generous with ingredients, this dish is infallible.

The Grain Store is one of those recharge cafes, it almost feels like therapy. Meals made of healthy, fresh ingredients; calming environment and friendly service, I felt energised stepping out after lunch.  One of these days, I will make a return trip to try out more of their offerings, because I have a feeling that I’ve barely scratched the surface.

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4 thoughts on “The Grain Store (CBD)

  1. How about a reference to your university course along lines of “just celebrating with a (insert food/drink) after getting through a grueling academic year of veterinary science with my colleagues (insert names here) , we all passed etc etc “

    • Haha, unfortunately I’m still trying to clear my backlog and this was from the July break, just after I came back from your place. But, I will keep it in mind for future posts. Thanks 🙂

  2. The salmon roll looks tops. The Grain Store is right near my work, but so far I’ve only tried the coffee. I was all ready to slope out and have a mid morning brunch there, only my stupid boss invited herself along and I was trying to get away from her so gulped a coffee then made up a story and ran for it. I’m definitely trying it tomorrow. Cheers for the inspiration.

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