Cheeky Fox (Horsham)

As a vet student, I do placement on a fairly regular bases in country Victoria, so for the next few posts we are driving out of the hustle bustle of the city and saying hi to fresher air and clearer skies.

Before we get into the food, let me take a little detour and talk a little about my time on placement. If you find this waffle boring please skip to the next paragraph. I’ve actually never ever stayed with another family in country Victoria. Wait, let’s take another step back, I’ve never stayed more than 3 days in the country. Yep, I’m a city girl. So, honestly I felt a little shaky going with another friend of mine to a foreign town we have never been before and to live with a family whom we’ve never met before. Okay, so it might have had something to do with seating on a vline bus for three and a half hours and arriving in the said foreign town at 9.30pm in pitch blackness. But, really I needn’t worry at all. Our host family received us so warmly and made us feel at home straightaway. It felt so nice to be able to not lock your doors, to have a real fireplace, to have people remember exactly how you have your tea and to have a cuppa 5-6 times a day. They showed us so much patience, generosity and genuine kindness that by the end of our stay I really felt part of the family. To any of my placement families reading this, thank you, you have made this city girl really fall in love with the country.

Now, food. So, we were on our way to the greyhounds and stopped in Horsham for lunch. “Cheeky Fox, what a cute name?” That was exactly what I thought as my friend and I decided to eat there for lunch.

Mug of hot chocolate (4.20)

Mug of hot chocolate (4.20)

Isn’t it pretty? It was the middle of winter, so hot chocolate seemed like a fitting drink. Though this is nothing but just a mug of powdered drinking chocolate, but it certainly helped to fight of the shivers.

Chicken and leek pie w/ chips & salads (15)

Chicken and leek pie w/ chips & salads (15)

The pastry was crunchy and flaky; the filling was creamy and flavoursome. I’m glad that they didn’t go overboard with the salt, so I could taste the distinct flavour of the sweet leek and tasty chicken. The salad was fresh, however I would have preferred a lighter and more vinegary dressing than the mayo, to freshen it up a bit.

Bruschetta (14)

Bruschetta (14)

My friend went for a lighter meal since we’ve had really hearty, substantial meals for the past few days. Did I mention we were really well looked after? Maybe I should have ordered this too. The topping of salty fetta, sweet roasted cherry tomatoes and a very sweet, but still tangy balsamic glaze worked so well on the thick white toast.

It’s just a local cafe, serving above-par food, nothing extraordinary, but nothing to fault either. I’d stop by for a rest when I’m in Horsham next time.

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2 thoughts on “Cheeky Fox (Horsham)

  1. Glad you enjoyed your placement . I didn’t realise we had so many cuppas but when you work physically I suppose you do sweat a fair bit. (Up to one litre/hr). I am on Instagram now, check me out!

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