Guangzhou (Guangdong Province) – QiMei Teochew Fishball Noodle Soup

This meal will conclude my stay in Guangzhou, did you think we would end it with a  feast? Nope. But I can tell you after 2 days of gluttony, all I really wanted was some  simple food to calm my taste buds. Thankfully, dad and I were on the same wavelength for once.

QiMei Teochew Fishball Noodle Soup (其美美食潮州 鱼旦粉-北京路店)

505 Huifu East Rd, Yuexiu

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China



This simple roadside establishment is where we ended up. Please, do not judge this place by its size, because size doesn’t matter when you have an endless supply of customers wanting some of your noodle soup. We ordered these two side dishes below, but take my advice, save your money, save your stomach space and make yourself turn away from these side dishes. They weren’t bad, but only a measly okay. Save your attention for the real star of the show.

Fried fish skin and braised beef tendon

Fried fish skin and braised beef tendon

For 20 yuan you can get yourself a big steaming bowl of rice noodle soup with a mixture of beef balls and fish balls.

Teochew rice noodle soup with two types of meatballs (潮州双丸粉面) 20 Yuan

Teochew rice noodle soup with two types of meatballs (潮州双丸粉面) 20 Yuan

First let me direct your attention to the rice noodles themselves. I’ve yet to find a place in Melbourne to serve this kind of noodles. They are cylindrical in shape, have a nice chewy bite to them and are my absolute favourites. These slippery strands float in a rich, clear beef soup base, freshened up by the addition of coriander and spring onions, which provided a delightful textural contrast against the bounciness of the beef balls and the fish balls. I remember it being a cold winter night, huddled up close to other patrons. As I was slurping up this bowl of noodles, I remember the sensation of warmth slowly seeping through my body and bringing life back to my frozen hands.

It was a very nice finish to our little stay in Guangzhou. Next up, I’m taking you to another city in Guangdong Province -Shenzhen.

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